Top 10 Trends in Wedding Invitations in 2009

Wedding invitations are affected by general trends, and there is no reason to think that 2009 will be any different. Some of the trends of 2009 are continuations of the popular ideas of 2008, while other trends are just beginning to gain popularity. When designing your wedding invitations, choose what you like best, and leave behind what you do not. It is important that you design an invitation that reflects the style of you and your future spouse. While you may undoubtedly want to be aware of what is popular and what is not when making your choices, there is no reason to choose something because of its popularity. Instead, use these ideas as starting points when designing your dream wedding invitation.

Continue to save the date

Save the date cards continue to be a popular addition to the wedding invitations package.
These cards especially come in handy if you are planning a wedding in June, September or around the holidays, since they are traditionally busy times of the year. A save the date card should be sent out as early as possible. This allows your guests to avoid making plans for that day. Many invitations come with a specific save the date card that coordinates when the celebration will take place. Choosing coordinated save the date cards and invitations means making a decision early on about which design you are going to use. It also adds a nice level of customizations to your invitations.

Color, color, color

Whether bold or subtle, color is a big part of wedding invitations in 2009. Modern printing techniques make it easier than ever to add color from the writing on the envelope lining to the card stock. Colors that were once used primarily for contemporary invitations, has become so widespread that even the most traditional wedding invitations currently use these colors.

Extending a Theme

Does your wedding have a theme? Whether you are having an outdoor wedding, a candlelight service or a wedding on the beach, you can customize your invitations to include some mention of the theme. Confetti in your envelopes or a simple candle drawing on the front of the invitations is an easy way to integrate your theme into your wedding invitations.

Do it yourself invitations

Many people have become taken with the idea of do it yourself invitations. Do it yourself invitations allow you to save some money when planning your wedding, but they also allow you greater control over your finished product. Do it yourself invitations are a great way to create a 100% customized look for your invitations while still keeping control of your budget.

Destination invitations

More and more, couples are choosing destination weddings as a low stress way to have a memorable wedding ceremony. If you are planning a destination wedding, choosing an invitation that is made specifically for the occasion is a great way to provide your guests with a memento of the event as well as being certain that all the invitation provides all of the information they will need to plan their trip.

Adding a photograph

Adding a photograph to your wedding invitations is another choice that may be popular in 2009. As stated before, technology has made this an easy option. Adding a photograph of the happy couple is a wonderful way to personalize your invitations without adding a great deal to the cost of the invitations.

Couples invitations

More and more, men are becoming involved in the planning of the wedding. In the past, weddings were typically planned by the bride, her mother and her friends. Today, it is common for the groom to have an interest and opinion on all parts of the ceremony. Couples invitations are a way to display this relationship, and will become more popular in 2009.

Adding a favor

A small favor added to your invitation is becoming a more popular option. If you are having a theme or destination wedding, including a favor is a great way to add some needed information. For the theme wedding, a small candle for a candlelight service is a thoughtful touch. For a beach vacation, a small tote bag with information from the area chamber of commerce is a thoughtful choice. While adding favors to the wedding invitations is a thoughtful touch, and becoming more popular, the cost can add up quickly. Adding favors to invitations typically works best if you are planning a small ceremony, and expect most of your invitees to attend.

Personalize your wedding stationery

Personalization is another area that has been improved greatly by technology. New methods of printing have made many more options available than ever before. This means that the engaged couple can add ribbons, pictures and trinkets, not to mention colored fonts, customized edgings and many other options to stock invitations. This allows standard invitations to look completely personalized.

Colors as neutrals

While adding color as a bold statement has become increasingly popular, color as a neutral is becoming more common as well. This means that a traditional invitation may be pastel pink rather than ivory, or mint green rather than white. Using colors as neutrals continues to grow in popularity as more people become accustomed to seeing colors as part of the wedding invitations.