Fall, Spring and Summer Wedding Invitation Ideas

Are you in the process of choosing a wedding invitation for your wedding? This can be a tricky process and one that should be thought about carefully. The wedding invitations that you send will be the first impression that people will have of your wedding and you want to have a good first impression.


One of the first and most important considerations for your wedding invitation should be the time that the wedding will take place. If you are having your wedding in the winter or fall your invitations will look very different then spring wedding invitations. Below are some common ideas and tips that will help you make the right decision.

Fall Wedding Invitations

If your wedding will take place in the fall or winter time then you will want to theme your wedding invitations to fit the season. It would not make sense to have an invitation with spring lilies on it for example. For some of the typical fall wedding invitation ideas think about what fall means to you. The weather is getting colder outside and the leaves are all turning beautiful shades of red, browns, and deep yellows and falling from the trees. There might already be snow on the ground and it is the time to start snuggling up next to a warm fire and a very traditional time for lovers and family with the winter holidays on the way. These are the feelings that you will want to portray in your fall or winter wedding invitations.

Colors: browns, greens, gold, or white or even off white

Decoration and motifs: wide burgundy ribbons and bows, fall leaves, pine cones, pine trees, gold leaf, embossing and watermarks

Papers: you will want a paper with some tooth or texture to it. Heavy weight or heavy bond papers work well and give it a wonderful fall feel. Also papers with a deckled or unfinished edge are a nice touch. Burlap can even be used if thought about and used carefully.

There are a lot of different options if you are looking for cheap or discount fall wedding invitations for the fall season. You can easily make the invitations on your computer. Also if you look online you can easily find a ton of suppliers that will make discount wedding invitations. These can be a great way to save money.

Spring Wedding Invitations

Typically spring is a time of new life, bright new colors and blooming flowers! These are all things that you will want to pick up in your spring themed wedding invitations. No matter what you are looking for elegant spring wedding invitations or a more simple or even discount spring wedding invitations you will still want to capitalize on the time of year. Again you will want to think about what spring means to you and your fiancée.

Colors: any shade of pink, light greens, silver, and of course pure white

Decorations and Motifs: flowers like lilies or roses, tulips and daises. Butterflies and birds also work well.

Papers: thick white papers with a heavy bond work well. Also handmade papers with pressed flowers can make a wonderful spring invitation.

Summer Wedding Invitations:

If you are planning on getting married in the summer months then of course you will want a summer wedding invitation. These can be anything in a wide range of possibilities from the fun and whimsical summer invitation to the more formal invitation. IT again really depends on what summer means to you. You might think of fun sunny days spent at the beach or relaxing days spent out in the garden.

Colors: pastel colors in pinks, light blues, pure white and yellows

Decorations: beach items, raffia, tool (fabric), light muslin cloth,

Papers: vellum, light weight or light bond papers, handmade papers with pressed flowers,

A wedding invitation can be a very fun yet important part of the wedding planning. Since it is so important and it will act as the first impression that your guests will have of the wedding and often will become a memory or keepsake item for you it is important to spend some time thinking about the right option for you. You can easily pick up on the theme of your wedding and especially bring in the time of year. A dark velvety red wedding invitation will obviously look out of place for a summer wedding.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a fall, winter, spring or summer wedding invitation there are a lot of ways that you can find affordable discount wedding invitations and there is always the option to make them yourself. DIY wedding invitations are becoming more popular all the time. So if you are sending out fall wedding invitations, spring invitations or summer invitations you are sure to find a wide variety of colors, decorations, and papers that will work for you. By planning ahead and shopping carefully or even making it yourself you are sure to save big money and have a wonderfully themed wedding invitation.

How to Make Your Own Affordable Wedding Invites

If you buy 100 invitations at $1.50 each, you’re going to spend $150 on wedding invitations (and this doesn’t include shipping costs from the wedding invitation company to you and post office costs from you to your guests). Instead of spending over a hundred dollars on wedding invitations, you can spend $50 or less to make your own wedding invitations. You not only save money, but you also have fun mixing and matching colors and designs. (In fact, you will probably waste hours and hours away just looking at all the beautiful paper available to you.)

When making your own wedding invitations, here are some things to consider:

Colors. It is important that you have your colors chosen before you embark on this journey of making your DIY wedding cards. You have just about a million choices when it comes to choosing colors. There are monochromatic color schemes in which your colors are shades of the same color. You can have complementary color schemes in which your colors are opposite of each other on the color wheel, such as yellow and blue or red and green. You can also have analogous color schemes where your colors are next to each other on the color wheel, such as blue and red or blue and green. In this case, you can use one color as the main color and another as an assisting color. When choosing colors for your wedding cards, you might also want to consider the season in which you will have your wedding. Will it be warm or cold? Warm colors are yellows, reds, and oranges. Cold colors are blues and greens.

Textures. You may not think so, but texture is an important aspect of your wedding invitations. Remember, texture is anything you can feel with your skin, and in this case, with your hands. If you can, use embossed or textured paper as a backing. This can add so much dimension and beauty to your wedding invitation.

Balance. In art, balance refers to how “heavy” one side of the artwork is to the other. You should use the same concept in your DIY wedding cards.

As you make your wedding invitations, stop and look. Are your graphics and decorations taking over one side while leaving the other side blank? If so, then your invitation is off-balance. You don’t have to put the same things on each side, but you can make sure that each side has the same “heaviness.”

Shape and size. Wedding invitations come in all shapes and sizes. Invitations can be long, squared, circle, wide, top fold, side fold, accordion fold, booklet and many more. When making your own wedding cards, you may not want to choose a difficult size and shape. Otherwise, you and whomever you’ve asked to help you make your invitations are going to spend days just cutting, gluing and folding. Instead, choose simple shapes and sizes that you can add texture, balance, color and decorations to. This will lessen the anxiety and frustration.

Embellishments. Every little detail on your DIY wedding invitation counts. That’s why when you are making your own wedding invitations, you should consider adding embellishments. Embellishments that have been used in DIY wedding invitations are feathers (tucked behind a ribbon), paper flowers (you can find these premade in craft stores), fabric and ribbons. If you want, you can also add paper butterflies, rhinestones, confetti, buttons, or dried and pressed leaves and flowers. You can find all of these items in your local craft stores.

There is one big tip to making your own wedding cards: layer, layer, layer.

Use a sturdy cardstock as a backing. This backing should be strong enough to hold a couple more layers of regular paper and the embellishments you want to add later. You don’t want a thin cardstock because your invitation may turn out limp. The backing should also be as big as you want your finished invitation to be. Next is an optional lining-and this is where you can play with complementary colors and paper design. Cut the lining piece about half an inch smaller than the backing on each side. Glue the lining on top of the backing. Then add the piece of paper with the message. If you are including a ribbon that is “wrapped” around your invitation, you can use tape and tape the edges to the back of the piece of paper with the message. That way you don’t have to have huge blotches of moisture from the glue you used for the ribbon, and tape doesn’t have to dry. Once you have taped the ribbon back, you can go ahead and glue the last piece to your invitation. If you can see the ribbon through the piece of paper with the message, then try gluing the lining and the paper with the message first, tape the ribbon around both, and then gluing that whole piece onto the backing.

Your wedding should be something exciting, fun and unforgettable. If you are planning your wedding, it may become extremely stressful, so don’t stress out when making your own wedding invitations. Consider this as a time to play around with colors, textures, and shapes and sizes. Have a wedding-invitation-making party with your bridal party. Pull out the champagne (although you have to make sure you keep this away from the invitations) and have a fun time with your friends while making invitations that are personalized and inexpensive.