An Introduction to Vera Wang Wedding Invitations

It’s only fitting that designer Vera Wang produces a line of wedding invitations that break the mold with elegance and style. After all, her career as a famous designer was inspired by her unsuccessful search for a wedding dress. Wang, seeking the ideal wedding dress for a sophisticated, adult bride, was dismayed to find that nearly everything she looked at had a “sameness” to it, and that they all seemed to be designed for “younger brides”. It took a few years, but Wang took that disappointment in finding the right wedding dress and turned it into a bridal design company.

Vera Wang’s wedding invitation designs carry through the same bold, elegant and innovative eye that she brought to fashion design. The invitations range from classically elegant to whimsical and buoyant, but they all represent Wang’s unmistakable flair for the striking and the dramatic.

Vera Wang’s Wedding Collection features wedding invitations in several different lines. Each line is distinct and distinctive, although some designs do cross over to carry on a design trend. For instance, the floral and frond designs reappear in several different styles of wedding invitation, presented in note cards and fold-over styles as well as in standard card styles. Borders and pattern prints are repeated in envelope liners and in dual-sided wedding invitations that are exclusive to the Vera Wang collection.

Vera Wang Letterpress Wedding Invitation Collection

This unique collection features bold, fashion-forward prints on oyster paper. The prints include floral and paisley in borders and repeats, and in single, splashy designs along the sides or peeking in from the top corner. You will find bright, pattern-on-pattern lace designs alongside delicate screen prints, delicate screen print floral patterns juxtaposed with bold sunbursts. The colors run the gamut from subtle jade green to bold and bright orange, sparking every piece of the wedding invitation ensemble in different, unexpected ways. A real favorite for the modern, unconventional but very elegant bride: the Vera Lace Letterpress Wedding Invitations which feature a delightfully stylized floral pattern against a delicate lace border and makes use of the unconventional and bold color combination of turquoise and jade.

Vera Wang Retro Verso Wedding Invitation Collection

This collection takes a skipping step to the whimsical side of your nature. The Retro Verso wedding invitation collection features bright, cheerful colors in prints that dance across the page. Each invitation is dual-printed with your invitation wording and a border design on one side and a bright pattern on the reverse of the paper. Retro Verso wedding invitations are unmistakably elegant, but have a playful unconventionality that’s appealing to the modern bride. A favorite wedding invitation style from the Retro Verso Dual Sided wedding invitation collection: the Parasol Dual Sided Wedding Invitation, which features sunshiny bright colors and a pattern reminiscent of your childhood Spirograph. It’s bold, flirty and definitely fun.

Bordered Wedding Invitations from the Vera Wang collection

This collection features bold colors and classic styling for the traditional bride with a strong unconventional streak. Colored borders in different styles frame the center panel on each invitation, but each of the borders has its own unmistakable character. Coupled with boldly patterned envelopes, the wedding invitations are both elegant and strikingly unique, a great deal like Vera Wang’s bridal dress designs. The two main designs in the Vera Wang Borders collection are the Bar Panel Border and the Hand Tinted Border wedding invitations. The Bar Panel borders are elegant and classy, featuring a triple frame in bold colors and an embossed double border around an Oyster white print panel. The invitations are coupled with very stylish envelopes with linings inspired by Wang’s own designs. The Hand Tinted borders are more subtle but no less striking, with borders hand tinted in bold, bright colors. There are no frilly details, just an elegant, classy and bold style statement.

Nearly all of the invitations in the Vera Wang collections include beautiful hand-lined envelopes to match the colors of the wedding invitation. The colored linings of the envelopes for the Retro Verso collection, for instance, echo design elements from the wedding invitations themselves, a sunburst parasol for the Parasol wedding invitation or a single gingko fan with the Ginkgo Retro Verso invitation. The Borders Collection invitations are coupled with envelopes lined in bold floral and geometric prints that coordinate with the double-colored borders.

The Vera Wang wedding invitation collections are bold, inspired by the textile prints and color palette from Vera Wang’s “Ready to Wear” collection. Unconventional and bold, these are wedding invitations designed for the discerning bride with an eye for fashion and style. If you are looking for wedding invitations that match your penchant for modern insouciance, the Wang wedding invitation collection is definitely worth a second look.