Benefits of Choosing Unique Wedding Invitations

Weddings require a lot of planning in order to make sure everything goes smoothly. This is especially important because this day provides a memory that a couple wants to cherish for a long time. During the planning process, it is important to carefully consider your choice of invitations. You should check your options and decide on some unique invites to send to your guests.

While your wedding invitations are not likely to be the aspect of your wedding you are most concerned about, they are still an important part of it because they set the tone for your wedding. With this principle in mind, it is easy to see why choosing a unique style of wedding invitation is such a good idea.

Unique Invitations Set the Tone for your Wedding

A carefully chosen wedding invitation does far more than tell your guests where and when to show up for the big occasion. By choosing unique invitations that reflect the style and theme of your wedding, you can quite effectively set the tone for the entire event.

For example, formal wedding invitations in cream and gold can inform your guests about the formality of the event. It is important for them to know if your wedding is going to be traditional rather than casual. In contrast, if you send your guests contemporary invitations in bright colors, they should know to expect something a little more casual.

On the other hand, if your unique wedding invitations are of a particularly unusual design, chosen to reflect your own personal style as well as the style of your wedding, your guests may know they can expect something nontraditional.

Unique Invitations Show off your Personality

Choosing unique wedding invitations not only lets your guests know what to expect on the day, but they also tell your guests a little something about what you and your intended are like as a couple. You may have invited several people who have not seen much of you; perhaps distant relatives or friends who live across the country, who have not been in town for years. It is also possible that you and your intended are going to invite distant relatives or friends who have not met the person you are about to marry.

Sending unique wedding invitations, chosen to reflect who you are as a couple, is a great way to ‘introduce yourselves’ to those guests who may not yet have met you both. Choose invitations that reflect your personalities, your future life together as a couple, or even a hobby the two of you enjoy together.

Your wedding invitations are a symbol of the moment at which you officially announced your plans to the world, to let everyone know of your intent to marry, so selecting unique invitations is necessary. Choosing unique wedding invitations is a wonderful way of letting the world know that your life together as a married couple starts now!

Unique Invitations your Guests will Remember Forever

If you want your wedding to be talked about and remembered for years to come, then why not start by making your wedding invitations a talking point. That can get people thinking about the big day well before it arrives, and help ensure the event is remembered long afterwards.

Choose invitations that actually look inviting. Thick, high quality paper with bright colors or a unique design that makes the envelope stand out from other mail that may arrive on the same day. Your invitations should excite interest even before they are opened, and if you have chosen your design well, they should evoke reminders of the happy couple as well!

In addition, after the wedding is over, and your guests have gone home, they can save your unique invitations to remind them of the day. Your close family and friends should appreciate having another special reminder, particularly one that evokes memories not only of the wedding, but also of the happy couple. Distant relatives and friends are also more likely to keep your unique wedding invitation, as most people are reluctant to throw away anything unusual or special, so your invitation is sure to be saved.

Unique Invitations Offer another Happy Memory

For the rest of your life you can look back on your wedding day with love and happiness, and you may have plenty of mementoes with which to savor memories of the day. However, it is just as special to look back on your memories of wedding preparations, too. The joy and frustration triumph and the sheer hard work of planning a wedding cannot be denied. Your unique wedding invitations can provide a wonderfully nostalgic reminder of that time. There are many benefits to choosing a unique wedding invitation because they provide much information about you as a couple as well as the date that the wedding is taking place.

Different Elements In A Chinese A Wedding Invitation

Nowadays there are different styles of wedding invitations. Indeed wedding invitation is one of the must items for a wedding. It is used to announce the wedding and spread the joy and happiness of the couple. A well designed wedding invitation can give an unexpected impression to the guests. It is in fact marking the beginning of a wedding ceremony. Depending on different cultures, different elements can be seen on a wedding invitation.

For example, traditionally in China, wedding invitations are usually red in color, with the famous Chinese character double happiness printed on it while a traditional wedding invitation in Europe or USA is usually white in color. Of course an Indian wedding invitation will have Lord Ganesh printed, which means a blessing from God, it may not be applicable to most of us though. In this article, it is attempted to explain different elements forming a Chinese wedding invitation, which can inspire couples who are planning their Big Day.

Common elements on Chinese wedding invitation

As discussed, one of the major elements of a Chinese wedding invitation is the red color. “Double Happiness” is also very common on such invitations. Apart from these famous elements, sometimes a pair of dragon and phoenix can be found on a Chinese wedding invitation. Another element, which may be surprising to some of the readers, is a pair of chickens.

Red Color

As most of us may know, a Chinese wedding invitation is usually red in color. However, not many people know the reason why it is in such color. In fact, red color is not only for wedding, it is also the main theme of Chinese festivals such as Chinese New Year. Concerning wedding invitations, Chinese wedding invitations are of different colors a few thousand years ago. Chinese used black color wedding invitations a few thousand years ago. It is believed that there were five emperors, Red, Blue, Yellow, White and Black Emperors in Chinese History. They are indeed the ancestors of Chinese people. The black color of the wedding invitation may probably be coming from the notion of the five emperors. The red color came to Chinese wedding invitation, and other festivals in the Han Dynasty.

The first emperor of the Han Dynasty declared himself as the son of Red Emperor. Starting from this legend, the red color became the main theme of different celebrations and festivals. This theme also became the main color of wedding invitations. One may doubt that why gold and yellow were not adopted as main color of wedding invitations, as it can be always seen in traditional Chinese palaces. In fact gold and yellow are also meant to be something lucky and joyful. It is also interpreted as a symbol of the royal family, or the emperor. The only one who could use these colors is the emperor. This forms the reason why gold and yellow colors are not the primary colors of a wedding invitation. However, culture is changing from time to time. More people start adopting gold and yellow color the Chinese wedding invitation designs.

Double Happiness

In Chinese culture, wedding is always related to the notion of double happiness. This “double happiness” is an interesting Chinese character. It looks like two people standing side by side. In fact we can interpret it as a couple standing together. From here we may get a clue of the reason for printing the character “double happiness” on the wedding invitation. This character bears the meaning of getting together. It declares that a man and a woman, and two families will be united as one. The character “double happiness” is usually printed on the red invitations with golden hot stamping.

Dragon and Phoenix

Dragon has long been the symbol of China and Chinese people. When Dragon and Phoenix come as a pair, dragon represents male and phoenix represents female. Dragon and Phoenix can be interpreted as a perfect couple. Similar to “double happiness”, this pair are one of the elements which is usually seen in wedding invitation design, with golden hot stamping.

A pair of chickens

In Chinese, chicken is pronounced as “Ji”, the pronunciation is similar to another Chinese character meaning good luck. A pair of chicken becomes a blessing to the couple. It blesses them good luck for the rest of the life after marriage. This pair of chickens are usually full color printed on the invitation. It looks a traditional paper cutting. This delivers a quality of Chinese style which a hot stamping logo cannot be replaced with.

As mentioned, the notion of double happiness is the key of Chinese wedding, some modern Chinese wedding invitations can be one of the choices for your big day. You can also find some other vendors of wedding invitations in USA for your big day.